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countryhell's Journal

194 - Country Hell
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This is the photography challenge community of anno_superstar & polarme.

We have a bi-weekly challange and take photos of the theme. Themes can be everything from colours, shapes, furniture, titles of songs or tv episodes, entire songs, body parts, attributes, stuff.. You can provide us with a new theme here!

- At the moment, you can' join this comminty, i's only for anno_superstar & polarme, but feel free to friend it and watch. We might consider opening it up to everyone later on.
- Comments! We love feedback, be it neg or pos!
- Credit us if you use any photos by us.
- Please don't steal our photos and claim them as yours. It's just tacky.
- Hotlinking is very uncool. Don't.


Wanna affiliate? Cool, let us know here!